Mar 6 • 14M

Into The Podverse, March 6, 2023

Exploring the Asian Landscape, Afripods at the Africa Media Festival, Listener Feedback, and Repurposing Content.

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Tony Doe
"Into The Podverse" explores the latest innovations, challenges and opportunities for podcasters from an African perspective. It also features exclusive interviews with Masters of the Podverse, all aimed at helping to elevate the voices and experiences of the podcasting community.
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In this episode, we explore the Asian podcast landscape with Guang Jin, a podcast analyst out of Singapore, uncovering surprising findings about various markets with useful lessons for the African continent. We also discuss Afripods' attendance at the Africa Media Festival 2023 with CEO, Molly Jensen and their focus on paying creators and catering to African creators in English or mother-tongue languages. You’ll also learn about the importance of seeking listener feedback and the value of repurposing existing content to reach a wider audience. 

Thanks for tuning in to Into The Podverse today. I hope you enjoyed exploring the latest trends and people in the world of podcasts.

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Molly Jensen - CEO, Afripods - 

Guang Jin (Grehg) YEO, Podcast Strategist - 


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